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Lately there have been a lot of live radio stations popping up on Youtube, often run by a single person passionate about a certain genre. Most of these radio stations just run on someone's laptop, 24/7.

Small communities are created around these radio stations: people come and listen together and chat about all kinds of topics in the youtube live chatbox. Some stations grow exponentially until thousands of people are always listening at any given time. Some stay small, unnoticed, and maybe see a listener or two once in a while.

This website aims to make it easy and attractive to discover these live community radio stations by filtering out all other Youtube content. With, all the other clutter is zoned out so you can focus on simply finding a radio station, putting it on, and then letting it play in the background.

This website was developed by me, Jolan Wuyts. I love Youtube's live radio stations, and wanted to make a website that was dedicated to them. The youtube radio stations are created by users, not companies. There are no ads, they're mostly not for profit, and they are places where people of all backgrounds come to listen, chat, relax, work, and simply be together.